SFA is an exclusive SaaS solution for both smartphones and desktops (web application). It enables the salesmen to record details of their on-field activity – from journey plans to attendance recording to order details. The distributors can track all these actions through features like Location Tracking. The complete data is then synced with the Central Server and reported to the company. Historical Data View and Target Tracking help the distributor and the company to extensively review the sales operations. Along with these features, SFA provides exhaustive report generation. Historical Data View, Tracking Target and Achievements and Conducting Surveys help the company on various levels. The app also generates Customer Specific Notifications.


PJP is a resourceful feature that allows salesmen to pre-plan their journeys and distributors to be aware of the same. The salesmen can select everything – from date to work type to beat to outlet, creating a neat plan. The plan reflects in the compliance reports on the web application, helping the distributor to track the journey.


The distributor can track the complete activity of the salesman on field. Once the salesman records his attendance, his status is updated in the web application. This indicates that the journey has started. Further, the journey can be tracked by the distributor through Location Tracking. The features provide complete data as to the beats and outlets covered by the salesman.


The complete business operation – from Stock Taking to Booking Products to Applying Schemes to Order Taking and Payment Collection – are automated. With an easy to use interface, the salespersons can easily execute visits in shorter time and cover larger areas. The records are automatically kept and updated in database along the way. Bills are automatically generated as per the sales.


The mobile and web apps can use multiple media. The salesman can capture photos of the outlet, highlighting the merchandising, and upload it on the app. The company can also upload videos to be used in the on-field activity. The use of these media help in better tracking as well as increasing the effectiveness of the sales force’s time and effort.

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